Trimming Dog Nails

How to Relieve Canine Anxiety
When Cutting Dog Nails

Trimming dog nails, a regular part of grooming your dog, can be quite stressful for both of you.

In clipping dog nails, your pet may experience canine anxiety since when you clip dog nails improperly, the tendency is for your pet to feel pain.

You need to learn the right way of clipping dog nails to avoid stressing out your dog

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In addition, homeopathic remedies such as Pet Calm can help to pacify your nervous dog when you trim dog nails.

Our dog Skipper is fairly high strung, and Pet Calm is the only thing we’ve found that will calm Skipper when we do her nails.

Read on for some tips on how to clip dog nails on nervous dogs.

Dog looking at paws, after trimming dog nails.

Pet Calm is a homeopathic remedy
that can calm your pet while you are clipping dog nails.

Begin Clipping Dog Nails
While Your Dog is Young

The younger you start to trim dog nails, the more used to it, your dog will be.

Make trimming time fun and enjoyable for your nervous dog so you can prevent canine anxiety.

Do clip dog nails frequently to gradually reduce your dog’s fear. Reward him with dog treats when he cooperates with you.

Learn Your Dog’s Nail Structure
When Cutting Dog Nails

Light colored claws are easier to cut than dark colored claws, as the blood vessels and nerves that supply the toenail, called the quick, is easier to see.

The quick is located within the center of your dog’s toenails.

Cutting into the quick will result in pain and bleeding, so if your dog has dark claws, do several small cuts to decrease the chance of cutting the quick.

If you accidentally do so, have silver nitrate products on hand. Silver nitrate will prevent infection.

Call your veterinarian if the bleeding doesn’t stop.

Have the Proper Tools
for Trimming Dog Nails

Make sure that you use the right trimmers for your dog when clipping dog nails. There is a wide array of nail trimmers available in the market such as the guillotine type and the scissors type.

The guillotine type is usually the easiest to use in dogs. The scissors-type is used to trim a long toenail that curls in a circle.

Another option is the new nail grinder which grinds your dog nails to the desired length.

Restraining Your Dog
When You Clip Dog Nails

Some dogs may sit happily on your lap without need of restraining, but a nervous dog will definitely be a lot to hold when you trim dog nails.

Ask for your family’s help if you cannot contain your dog.

One method is to place your dog on a table with you on the opposite side of the table. You may also want to sedate dog to cut nails.

Pet Calm is a homeopathic remedy used to soothe nervousness. You can use this to calm your nervous dog so you don’t have to restrain him.

Start Cutting Dog Nails

Start at the tip of the nail and clip a little at a time. When you start to see pale pink tissue near the top of the cut edge then that is your cue to stop. You can use a nail file to smooth the edges later.

Remember to trim the dewclaw nail, on the inside of the leg, unless the dewclaws were removed when your dog was still a puppy.

Trimming dog nails is not supposed to be a stressful activity for your pet. It’s up to you to learn the proper way of cutting dog nails to decrease canine anxiety in your dog.

Make this event a fun one which you and your dog will always look forward to.

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