Bichon Frise Hair Cut

Dog Hair Cuts

The Bichon Frise hair cut is so cute and adorable.

Hair cuts along with proper, regular combing and brushing, are what gives this dog breed its fluffy powder-puff appearance.

There are basically 2 common types of Bichon dog hair cuts.

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One is called the pet cut or puppy cut and the other is the show cut or Bichon cut.

Bichon Frise hair cut photo.  Show cut.

You need to know about dog grooming whether
you do it yourself or take your dog to a groomer.

The Bichon Frise Pet Cut

The pet or puppy cut is the haircut most commonly seen on Bichon Frises. Most family pets who are not show dogs are given the simpler pet cut.

This style is much more manageable for Bichon owners because less matting occurs.

Bichon Frise hair cut, pet or puppy cut

Some Bichon grooming tasks
need to be done daily.
For the puppy cut, the coat is cut fairly short and in many cases it is clipped.

Even if your Bichon has the puppy cut, you should still brush and comb her at least 3 times a week to remove dead skin and debris from her coat and to keep tangles and matting to a minimum.

Plan on going to a professional groomer about every 2 months to maintain the pet cut.

The Bichon Frise Show Cut

The other popular Bichon Frise hair cut is called the show cut or Bichon cut. The show cut is required for all show dogs.

And some Bichon Frise owners prefer this cut, especially if they have ample time for daily grooming.

Bichon Frise hair cut.  Bichon Frise show cut.
The show cut is absolutely beautiful and is done entirely with scissors–no clippers allowed here!

Because the hair is much longer for the show cut than for the puppy cut, extensive daily brushing and combing is required to eliminate tangles and matting.

If you have lots of patience, lots of free time, and want the best possible look for your Bichon, then you might really enjoy this Bichon hair cut.

A return trip to a professional groomer is recommended every month to maintain the Bichon show cut.

Or, better yet, learn to take care of your Bichon Frise’s daily grooming at home!

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