Bathing A Bichon Frise

How often is bathing a Bichon Frise done? Surprisingly, you only have to give your Bichon a dog bath every 2-3 months.

However, keep in mind that bathing your dog is part of an overall good grooming program.

And, for Bichons, it’s very important to keep their skin healthy and itch-free

The reason for this is that many Bichons have food or skin allergies–and both can lead to irritated and itchy skin.

Bichon Frise Beau getting ready for a bath

Good grooming practices help
keep your dog’s skin healthy and clean.

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The Bichon Bath

Of course, if you have a puppy, a bath every day or two might be necessary depending on how messy it gets.

Because of the Bichon’s relatively small size, bathing is a pretty simple task. A bathtub or even your kitchen sink will suffice in most situations.

Always remember to use warm water on a Bichon’s sensitive skin and keep water levels several inches below the mouth.

Many Bichon Frise owners also prefer to use a gentle spray nozzle to wet and rinse the coat as well.

Shampoo for Bichon Frises

After thoroughly wetting the coat, apply a generous amount of gentle dog shampoo and work it into a good lather, covering the entire head and body.

Because of Bichon Frises’ many allergies and skin problems, you should be sure to use a gentle shampoo with natural ingredients. And using a conditioner is very helpful when brushing and combing your dog’s thick hair, after the bath.

You can find an economical (and high quality) oatmeal and aloe vera Only Natural Pet Grooming Shampoo at Only Natural. They also have natural dog conditioner to use with the shampoo. If you prefer, there are also some natural dog shampoos at Amazon.

Even though you can get shampoo and conditioner in one–I recommend that, for Bichon Frises, you should get the conditioner separately. Their hair gets so tangled and is so hard to keep nice–the conditioner will make your life SO much easier!

During the washing process, concentrate on not getting much shampoo or water in the inner ears.

Getting water or shampoo in your dog’s ears can lead to infections and discomfort to your best friend. After the dog bath is over, make sure you dry your dog’s ears thoroughly.

When rinsing the shampoo out of your Bichon’s hair, it is very important to rinse thoroughly and then rinse thoroughly again.

This must be done because of the sensitive nature of the Bichon Frises’ skin. Any remaining shampoo residue could cause irritations or result in a skin allergy.

After the rinsing process, carefully lift and hold your Bichon Frise off the bottom of the tub or sink for about 15 seconds to let the water drip from him.

Beau, the Bichon Frise, finished with his bath and ready to get out of the tub.

Let your Bichon Frise drip dry for a few minutes.

Drying Your Bichon Frise
After the Dog Bath

Then you will want to towel dry their entire body for a few minutes paying close attention to the ears, making sure that they are not excessively wet.

The next step, and one that many Bichon owners fail to do when bathing a Bichon Frise, is blow dry the coat with warm or cool air. This is usually a lengthy process and could take up to 30 minutes depending on the length of hair.

This step is so important because dry hair has less opportunity to become tangled and matted as opposed to wet hair.

When we blow dry our Bichon Frises, we like to use the slicker brush at the same time. Brushing while blow drying will shorten the amount of time needed to dry the coat.

When the coat is dry, you’ll need to comb and brush the entire body.

Bathing a Bichon Frise is not that difficult. Like everything else, make it a fun and pleasurable experience for your white fluffy companion.

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